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Antiaircraft Searchlight
DAS AT-6 Advanced Trainer
Betty Budde
Antiaircraft Gun ~ Sears Landing
Betty Budde
DAS Avenger Barracks
Wyatt Snapp
Dora Dougherty
DAS B29-Enola Gay
Emma Coulter Ware
DAS Camp Davis, NC Three Views
Joyce Sherwood
DAS Camp Davis Main Gate
Laurine Rene
DAS Camp Daviis Aerial Oblique
Lois Brooks Hailey
DAS Camp Davis Farnsworth Hall
Lois Hollingsworth
DAS BT-13 Vultee
Mabel Rawlinson
DAS Firing at the Beach 1942
Marsha Courtney Bellassai
DAS CampDavis, NC ~ Airstrip 1990
Caro Bailey Bosca
DAS P38 Lightening
DAS Ladydauntless
Alta Corbett Thomas
DAS Jim DeGuiseppi
DAS P51 Mustang
DAS Dot Lewis Honored Fly-In 2005
DAS Ladydauntless
TWU WASP and Pursuit
DAS Fly-In WASP Flew This Plane
DAS PT19 Trainer
DAS Frances Rohrer Sargent 2005
DAS Stearman PT13
TWU Joyce Sherwood Crash
DAS Handprints at Fly-In 2005
TWU High Altitude Suits
DAS Helen Wyatt Snapp 2005
TWU Ruth Underwood - Dorothea Johnson
DAS Joyce Sherwood Secciani Carving
TWU Joyce Sherwood Walked Away
TWU Jacqueline Cochran
DAS Pima Air Museum Display
DAS Ruth Florey
TWU Link Trainer
TWU Ruth Underwood Florey
TWU Tibbets - B29 Strothers & Moorman
TWU WASP A-24 Dive-Bomber Towing Target
TWU WASP and Bomber
TWU WASP at Airfield Camp Davis
TWU WASP Veteran Status - 1979 Wash
TWU WASP Clifford Snapp Thompson

Women Airforce Service Pilots, most commonly referred to as WASP was a group that began in response to World War II in the 1940’s. These women were a vital part of the war effort having been trained to fly American military aircraft. Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted in 1942 saying “This is not a time when women should be patient.  We are in a war and we need to fight it with all our ability and every weapon possible.  Women pilots, in this particular case, are a weapon waiting to be used.” This weapon would end with 38 women loosing their lives for their country. How did this group start and more importantly, who were they and what did they do? Stop by the museum for the answers to these and many other questions!